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In order to reduce the usage of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which have proved to be hazardous in nature, DST core support initiated biodynamic agricultural research, a unique organic farming system that deals with soil fertility improvement through soil organic management practices. Utilization of cow horn and temperate herbs in biodynamic practices has posed big challenges recently in this area mainly due to the ethical problem that arises regarding cow horn usage. Limited scientific information only is available in this area of farming. The technology involves preparation of cow horn manure (BD 500), Cow Pat Pit (CPP) and Biodynamic compost (BD compost) utilizing locally available resources through earth forces. Three packages were developed and standardized for field application for the farmers who can prepare this in their own fields. Instead of using cow horn for BD 500 preparation, mud pot and glass bottles were used. These alterative materials filled in with lactating-cow dung were buried along with regular preparation for a same period. Time scale studies carried out to determine the quantitative and qualitative changes occurring during manure maturity. The mud pots gave good result similar to cow horn, when compared to glass bottles. More quantity of BD500 could be prepared by making use of mud pots instead of cow horns.In case of CPP and BD compost preparation, alternate herbal preparations were used along with regular herbal method as described by Peter proctor, which did not show any significant variation. The manure samples were periodically analysed for physico chemical and enzyme characteristics. The complete package was disseminated through a networking NGO Nilagiri Adivasi Welfare Association to Kothagiri farmers in The Nilgiri district. Apart form this, three awareness programmes also were conducted for the farmers. Posters and booklets were prepared for the benefit of the farmers. One kg of BD 500 costs Rs.600. While 50 cow horns yield 2.5kg of manure, a medium sized mud pot can yield approximately 5.0kg. The ecological values of manures, waste material utilization, recycling etc., were explained to the farmers to create interest among them. More awareness programmes and dissemination activities will be conducted in future.

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