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Keeping in mind the problem of pollution and energy crisis, VK-NARDEP started its activities in 1986 by propagating Bio-gas technology. In the process, the organisation conducted various training programmes for users and masons and constructed more than 2000 plants in a few districts of Tamilnadu.

VK-NARDEP has published in association with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources, Government of India, a number of books such as Manual on Repair & Maintenance of Bio-gas plant, Bio-gas plant Construction guidelines, Bio-gas Users guide and Bio-gas Manure users guide etc.  

VK-NARDEP also propagates various solar devices and has established an ‘Energy Park’ at its Technology Resource Center.  

VK-NARDEP has innovated a new Bio-Mathanation plant – Shakti Surabhi®  for production of Bio-gas from kitchen and vegetable waste, which is suitable for both urban and rural households as well as institutions with community kitchens. The range is from 1 M 3 to 100 M 3. The gas can also be converted to electricity and compressed bio-gas (CBG). VK-NARDEP has also created a package of value added organic agro-inputs with Biogas slurry for the dissemination of Bio-gas technology for the rural communities. In recognition of its valuable contribution to the field of renewable energy and agriculture, it was awarded the coveted International Ashden award in the year 2006.  In the year 2009 VK-NARDEP received NRDC award for its project to generate biogas through aquatic water weeds.   

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