Society for Rural Industrialisation (SRI) is a national level voluntary organization. SRI is committed to render scientific and technological support for rural development, based on present and emerging global knowledge. The relevant knowledge bank is identified and the most potential one adopted. It is then converted into technology which villagers can adopt, own and manage. Through a scientifically planned training and post training support, the technology is transferred to become a part of rural life. Thus SRI endeavours to change the role of the marginalized community from that of a mere recipient of welfare measures to that of a responsible partner in the development process. The aim is to go beyond livelihood security in order to introduce a system that ensures sustained growth and improvement in the quality of life of the rural poor in general and tribal community in particular in and around Jharkhand. Linkage and networking with various state governments, community based organizations and industries facilitate the interventions. Thus the innovations of SRI find extensive application, covering different states and communities

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