Technologies Developed By Vigyan Ashram

Wood router(2017-2018) Wood router(2017-2018) - Machinery And Tools


This machine can cut wooden slates according to 2D/3D designs provided by us.

Existing products are costly and made for large size application. Machine developed by us is affordable by small vendors and of small size. We can use it for ta

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Laser engraver (2017-2018) Laser engraver (2017-2018) - Machinery And Tools


This is a mchine  which can cut any 2D designs provided by us through USB.

Existing technology is costly and very sensitive to earthing and we can not let students work on it independently as it is hazardous . If we cons

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Aero-seance , a weather parameter sensors for School(2017-2018) Aero-seance , a weather parameter sensors for School(2017-2018) - Machinery And Tools

Aero-seance is a simple DIY kit module for building a multiple sensor check on one device. This sensor module has following modules ( not limited to below list) –

  • MQ6 — It detects LPG Gas leakage.
  • MQ7— It detects Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas.
  • MQ1

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Sanitary Napkin Incinerator  (Version 4)(2015-2016) Sanitary Napkin Incinerator (Version 4)(2015-2016) - Machinery And Tools

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator  (Version 4)

A novel incineration device has been developed that uses pyrolysis to decompose sanitary napkins into hydrocarbon vapours and combustible gases along with some non-combustible gases and char. These vapours and gases are mad

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Rice De-Husking(2014-2015) Rice De-Husking(2014-2015) - Machinery And Tools

Rice De-husking machine is made to reduce the manual effort to sepearate husk from the rice. It can process 8 to 10 k.g. rice in an hour. Rice can be process multiple times as per the qualtiy required. It is easy to operate and work on single phase connection. 

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Dry fruit roll cutting machine(2013-2014) Dry fruit roll cutting machine(2013-2014) - Machinery And Tools

Dry fruit roll which are available in market are in variety of flavors like Khajur , Fig, Rose, Oragne etc. IN making of such rolls first a …. Mm thick roll is prepared by mixing Khajur pulp with other dry fruits like cashew, almond etc and then cut pieces of (coins) of desire size (2 mm t

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Instant Puran Mix(2013-2014) Instant Puran Mix(2013-2014) - Food Processing

Puran is used in dish Puran Poli which is eaten on most of festival occasions all over Maharashtra , Gujarat , South Indian states

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Anupam Oil Extraction Machine(2013-2014) Anupam Oil Extraction Machine(2013-2014) - Machinery And Tools

This is low cost oil extaction machine, as we all know that the edible oil available in market is not pure which can harm our helth but the Anupam oil extraction machine is simple solution for this which can extract oil from groundnut, sesame, coconut, castor, linseed, neem etc at your home. It r

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Aquaponics(2016-2017) Aquaponics(2016-2017) - Agriculture And Animal Husbandry

Aquaponics is, simply integration of hydroponics (cultivation of plants without soil) and aquaculture (fish farming). In aquaponics system water from aquaculture is used as irrigation water for crop production and extra water returns back to fish tank. When this water circulated near root zone, n

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Pabal Domes(2009-2010) Pabal Domes(2009-2010) - Housing

PABAL DOMES - At Vighyan Ashram, Pabal, you will see many dome shaped structures, which are used as houses, are made by students of Vigyan Ashram. Vigyan Ashram has its special way to create it and VA also has developed this manual which gives you step by step instruction to construct a dome. Dom

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MechBull(2009-2010) MechBull(2009-2010) - Machinery And Tools

MechBull is a mini tractor of 10H.P. diesel driven, equivalent to 4 bullocks. First generation MechBull was manufactured at vigyan ashram. All engineering drawings and manual are made. Later on our alumni Mr Shindade takes it forward, he sold 20 tractors.

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Reality Learning Engine(RLE)(2010-2011) Reality Learning Engine(RLE)(2010-2011) - ICT Based Technologies

DST Core support , Funded through loan of R.20lacs from CAPART , now self funded Vigyan Ashram has developed a multimedia authoring tool RLE (Reality Learning Engine) by using which, even a school teacher with little knowledge of Computer will able to make his own multimedia lesson.

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Human Power based Energy solution(2011-2012) Human Power based Energy solution(2011-2012) - Energy Lighting And Fuel

It is human powered generator to charge batteries. It is mainly a solution for lighting homes of remote communities, areas with high rainfall, nomadic people etc. Target group are schools in tribal areas, Dairy/ Poultry farmers, disaster relief etc. Key Advantages- 60W generator , Easy to pedal e

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Egg incubator(2012-2013) Egg incubator(2012-2013) - Agriculture And Animal Husbandry

Initially the egg incubator machine developed by Vigyan Ashram was from scrap material with success rate of 12% only but over a period of 1 and half year the technology gets evolved, now the success rate latest machine at Vigyan Ashram is near about 92% for small is 100 egg machine and 85% for 50

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Aqua ( almost all question answered )(2009-2010) Aqua ( almost all question answered )(2009-2010) - ICT Based Technologies

The aAQUA eAgriService is a problem-solving system dedicated to find solutions to problems posed by Indian farmers - small and large. Answers to your agri-related queries are sent in 24 to 72 hours depending on the difficulty. Experts are employees of their respective organizations and serve with

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LED(2010-2011) LED(2010-2011) - Energy Lighting And Fuel

Shortage of energy is one of the main challenge everywhere. Many villages still have to spend nights in the dark. Kerosene lamp are still used at many houselhold. Nomadic people, who are always moving from place to place in search of livelihood. It is not feasible to provide them lights using gri

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