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Indigenous Medical System Revival: Siddha Bone Fracture Treatment Indigenous Medical System Revival: Siddha Bone Fracture Treatment - Health

VK-nardep works in the field of documentation, clinical application, awareness creation and standardization of selected tradition orthopedic Varma practices in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu.Though many of the traditional Varma medical healers treat a number of complicated orthopedic cases

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Shakthi Surabhi Bio-Methanation Plant Shakthi Surabhi Bio-Methanation Plant - Energy Lighting And Fuel

India has an energy problem. There is a huge urban-rural energy divide. Urban India is having a largely subsidized commercial energy while rural India is primarliy dependent on dwindling sources of non-commerical primary energy. Both are non-sustainable in the long run. Equally important is the p

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Azolla Technology Azolla Technology - Agriculture And Animal Husbandry

Azolla backyard cultivation technology is a cost-effective sustainable technology that provides nutrients rich broad-spectrum feed for livestock, cattle and poultry. It also helps farmers to increase soil based nitrogen of their farms and suppress the weed. Vivekananda Kendra - nardep has been wo

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