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Development of Cosmetic Products Development of Cosmetic Products - Agriculture And Animal Husbandry

Trial are being carried out on preparation & standardization of Creams & scrubs from locally available natural raw material such as wild apricot oil, Beeswax & Aloe vera gel. 2 creams , Natural Hand moisturizer & Crack cream have been formulated,standardized & analysed for sc

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Low Calorie products Low Calorie products - Food Processing

Low calorie Jam & Apple spread formulated & standardized. Now being commercially manufactured & marketed by FARMER’s unit.

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Carbonated Juice Drinks Carbonated Juice Drinks - Food Processing

Carbonated lemon juice drinks from apple, Orange/kinnow, lemon, Plum & Sea buckthorn formulated & standardized. Lemi-Fizz (carbonated lemon drik) now being commercially manufactured & marketed by FARMER’s processing unit at Nagwain. This intervention has led to the utilizatio

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1 VEGETABLE TANNING : The core of this model /methodology is Vegetable Tanning of hides (chiefly from fallen cattle) by groups of artisanal tanners equipped with improved/adapted technologies, skills and organization, networking with village-level fla

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Organic pestcides : Organic pestcides : - Agriculture And Animal Husbandry

Trials were made on preparation & utilization of organic pesticides from Derak leaves, cow urine & Lassi on various vegetable crops. Most effective was found against Aphids & caterpillars of cabbage butterfly in cole crops.

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Apricot papad and instant chutney powder Apricot papad and instant chutney powder - Food Processing

Two products, Apricot papad & instant chutney powder using wild apricots have been formulated & developed. These were studied for various qualitative & quantative quality parameters during storage to assess their shelf life. Both of these products were found acceptable after storage o

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