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Establishment Of Herbal Garden Establishment Of Herbal Garden - Agriculture And Animal Husbandry

The land within the campus was selected for establishing herbal garden. Pipelines for irrigation have been arranged and Soil samples have taken from the field and tested for its nutrient status. Organic manures such as FYM, vermicompost and bio pest repelle

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 Development Of Improvement In “JAIPUR FOOT” Development Of Improvement In “JAIPUR FOOT” - Housing

Polypropylene based ankle support was designed and fitted in the foot. The total weight of the Ankle support reduced from 143grams to 92grams. Comparison between wooden ankle support with polypropylene ankle support as follows

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Extraction Of Indigo Dyes Extraction Of Indigo Dyes - Agriculture And Animal Husbandry

Indigo plant was cultivated in half an acre and 600S Kgs. in the first ratoon and 400Kg. in second ratoon was harvested. It was soaked in water over night. The next day decomposed plant was removed. Oxidation was carried out by using mechanical agitator for on

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Mini Oil Expeller Mini Oil Expeller - Machinery And Tools

Miniature for Oil extraction has been developed and oil extracted from Groundnut, Coconut, Gingili, and groundnut seed. The performance of the oil expeller is sixkgs/per hour and the yield were 40% forground& Gingili and 63% for coconut. Oil, filtration pr

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Sanitary Napkin And Baby Diaper Sanitary Napkin And Baby Diaper - Housing

Machinery for the production of sanitary napkin and baby diaper was developed. Sanitary napkin technology has been transferred to a number of organizations in the different parts country. A number of women members from SHGs were trained in the unit and started

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Technological Improvement And Mechanization Of Charkha Technological Improvement And Mechanization Of Charkha - Machinery And Tools

15 V. Solar powered spinning Charkhas were developed   and integrated to operate Two numbers of eight spindle charkha at a time by a spinner. Productivity and income level has been increased from 25hanks to 50 hanks and Rs.75/- to Rs.150/per day resp

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Mechanization Of Nepal Loom Mechanization Of Nepal Loom - Machinery And Tools

Technology Intervention:           

Prior to the DST supported intervention, the Nepal looms were run by foot power of the weavers. Thi

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