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Products from Lantana camara(2007)Phase I Products from Lantana camara(2007)Phase I - Housing

The word weed, which came into existence with the human civilization, is generally employed for useless plant which grows along with agriculture crops, grass lands or forest land. Weeds are plants which at a particular place and time are disliked by men. This is because these plants compete with

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Storage Structure(2007)Phase I Storage Structure(2007)Phase I - Housing

The mechanical properties of Lantana have been utilized for making utility items. In rural areas, in the wake of poor purchasing power, the rural community makes domestic items out of the wood available around. Bamboo has been the major wood used in the past.

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Mosquito Repellent(2009)Phase I Mosquito Repellent(2009)Phase I - Housing

Lantana leaves have a definite aroma on burning that can repell mosquitoes. This quality of the plant has been exploited for preparing mosquito repellent cakes from its leaves. Meanwhile, villagers from nearby villages of Dehradun were encouraged to prepare th

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Grewia Optiva(2010)Phase I Grewia Optiva(2010)Phase I - Housing

Grewia optiva (bhimal) is a popular tree found near agriculture fields in the hills. It occurs naturally in the field bunds and is conserved by the villagers for its multipurpose utility. It is considered as a family tree of

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Bakery(2012)Phase II Bakery(2012)Phase II - Food Processing

Agriculture in mountain has been considered unattractive as it is not as productive as in flat land. Mountain definitely outgrows nutritional crops and some pseudo-cereals as compared to any other crops. In order to make farming more productive, value addition

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Solar Water Heater/Solar Geyser(2014)Phase II Solar Water Heater/Solar Geyser(2014)Phase II - Energy Lighting And Fuel

The conventional sources of energy are coal and petroleum, which is exhaustible, therefore renewable energy sources are, required which are continually replenished such as Read more »

Dung Fuel Blocks(2012)Phase II Dung Fuel Blocks(2012)Phase II - Energy Lighting And Fuel

Problem/Need: It is an age old practice to use dung cake as cooking fuel in villages. The alarming fuel prices and depleting biomass from the forest leave no option for community other than this. Considering this issue, HESCO developed manual machine and tools to reduce the drudgery of women and

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Water Mill-multiple use(2002)Phase I & II Water Mill-multiple use(2002)Phase I & II - Machinery And Tools

The technology initially replaced wooden turbine with mild steel one. The shaft of turbine is attached with pulley which can run different agro- processing machines. In order to get appropriate RPM correct pulley arrangements are done to get desired RPM. The ultimate pulley with desired RPM is at

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Line Sowing Marker for crop sowing in hills(2014)Phase II Line Sowing Marker for crop sowing in hills(2014)Phase II - Agriculture And Animal Husbandry

The feasibility trials were taken in the different crops in different locations. It was found suitable and observed that it reduces about 50-60% cost of the weeding, 10% of harvesting as compared to traditional methods and found healthy crops, which ultimately

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