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Establishment Of Herbal Garden

The land within the campus was selected for establishing herbal garden. Pipelines for irrigation have been arranged and Soil samples have taken from the field and tested for its nutrient status. Organic manures such as FYM, vermicompost and bio pest repellents have been applied based on the soil test report.


Seventeen varieties of medicinal plants have been collected and planted. Bio pesticides and Panchakavya have been prepared and used to protect the plants from pests and other diseases. Out of the sixteen herbal plants, the commercially viable plants like Aloe vera, Indigo (Indigoferatinctoria), Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum), Vallarai(Centellaasiatica) and Vellaikarisalanganni (Ecliptaprostrata) have been planted on pilot scale in the campus as well as in the farmer’s field for economic analysis. All the plants were yielded well and give good returns. But Ecliptaprostrata could not thrive in the field even enough irrigation was provided with the climatic condition. 

Developed By: Gandhigram Trust

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