Technology » Design and development of dehusking machine for minor millets (Kondo and Kutki) (Agriculture And Animal Husbandry)

Design and development of dehusking machine for minor millets (Kondo and Kutki)(2014)Ist Phase

With the association of Central Institute of Agriculture Engineering (CIAE) we have been developed dehusking cum threshing machine for overcoming the problem of tedious and energy consuming manual dehusking of Kondo and kutki. It reduces drudgery of tribal women engaged in dehusking for self consumption. The newly improved threshing cum dehusking machine is for minor millets having the capacity of dehusking continuously without any break. This machine has the capacity to dehusk 100 Kg millets per hour and 2 HP single phase electric motor and 150 Kg weight.

Developed By: Madhya Pradesh Vigyan Sabha

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