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Use of low cost flat bottles for the production of bio- pesticide, Trichoderma

As per standard method, it is produced in conical flask or round bottom flask which is of high cost. Instead of that flat glass bottles, in vogue for commercial purpose, are used for the preparation of Trichoderma viride.


Using this technique we can reduce the production cost of Trichoderma viride upto 16%. This is also easy adaptable by the rural entrepreneurs. 

Developed By: Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology

Current Status:

This technique is used by this Institute as well as by the entrepreneurs who take training from us.

Reduction in the production cost has benefitted the Krishi Sampad Karmis and the farmers of Sunderban area who could be supplied the Trichoderma in higher quantity.  This product  has reached to 1200 farmers 

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