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Utilization of Kigella sp. fruits for the generation of gas in biogas plants

Kigella africana, locally called as Sausage tree, has large sized fruits, 30–100 cm long and up to 18 cm broad; it weighs between 5–10 kg. This fruits of this plant may be used as a source of bio-mass in biogas production. 

In this technique, the easily decomposable biomass enhances the biogas production. Biogas production level per unit time and unit volume of production vessel increases. (43 Kg Cow dung per M3 of vessel volume produces 50 Kg biogas per day. Addition of 4 Kg chopped fruit per m3 volume of vessel can produce 78 Kg biogas per day).


Fruits like this can be used as raw material for biogas production wherever it is available.

Developed By: Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology

Current Status:

It is tested at pilot level for production of Biogas. 

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