Technology » Improved Cook Stove Design for Hand Operated Leaf Plate and Cup Moulding Machine (Energy Lighting And Fuel)

Improved Cook Stove Design for Hand Operated Leaf Plate and Cup Moulding Machine

The hand operated molding machine developed by IIT, Kharagpur were existing in this area. Pressing machine, in which the dye is heated by a stove using biomass as fuel. This machine was tested and found to be easy to operate by tribal families. This machine does not require electricity. It can therefore be operated in any remote place. The heating device is a metallic, biomass burning stove. It produces a lot of smoke and heat at the workplace. Most of the machines are therefore lying idle, without being operated by the potential users.

Developed By: Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI)

Concerned Person: R.D.Hanbar-Deshmukh

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