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Solar Dryer

This is a simple four sided pyramid, in which four poles are joined together to form a square base. Four poles, each resting on one of the corners of the square, are joined together to form the pyramid. All the poles are provided with hooks or loops at their ends, so that the pyramid can be easily assembled or dismantled. When not in use, it can be stored in a very small place, as a bundle of bamboo sticks. The four upright poles that form the sides of the pyramid, support wire mesh trays which are suspended horizontally, one above the other, at intervals of about 30 cm. The entire structure, including its bottom, is covered with black plastic film. There is a horizontal, 5 cm wide slit in the plastic cover at the base of the pyramid and another at the apex. Both the slits are covered with insect proof mesh. The material to be dried is spread on the trays and after covering the structure with the plastic hood, the pyramid is kept in sunlight. Because of the plastic cover around the structure, the air within the pyramid gets heated. Hot air laden with moisture escapes from the opening at the apex of the pyramid and fresh air is drawn into it from the bottom. The colour of the product is not bleached because it is not exposed to direct sunlight during the process of drying. The plastic hood protects the product from dust, flies, birds etc. The dryer can dry fruits, (bananas, mango slices, grapes, ber) slices of onions, cabbage, potato, and all sorts and vegetables. The size of the dryer would depend upon the material to be handled, but a dryer having a base and height of about 1.5 m, would suffice for family use.

Developed By: Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI)

Concerned Person: S.L.Wani

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