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In the rural edges of the country, there are mud walled houses either with thatched roofs of hay or with the GCI sheets.  The use of GCI Sheets was very commonly found in many parts of Tripura during a survey conducted by the NBIRT. The dampness within the houses is the root cause of many diseases like rickets in children and osteoporosis etc.  Mostly kerosene-using devices emit substantial fine particulates which causes lung diseases, asthma etc as reported. The solar dome will overcome the shortage of sunlight by capturing it. Thus, it will be a boon to the people in all respects, viz., improvement in health status.

Dome type daylighting device has a transparent semi spherical dome shaped acrylic material which captures the sunlight as much as possible. The captured light is then passing through tubular shaped pipe having a thin layer of highly reflective coating on the inner wall of the passage . At the end of this passage there is a suitable retrofit to illuminate every corner of the room with good luminosity. There is also a provision to control the amount of light in the room.

Material Required:



Tile(Ferrocement /Burnt clay)


Upper Dome


Lower Dome


Sun tube

 Benefits of using micro solar dome

·         During daytime the village women can work inside the room due to availability of light. Children can also study.

·         The solar domes attached on the roofs do not require huge openings. So the point of security in the houses is not at stake because the intruders cannot come inside through them. The sun rays are converged in the acrylic dome shaped structure, increasing the light capture compared to the haz y and flattened glass structure of the age old skylight structures. It resembles a bigger lens with its rounded structure.  

·         Kerosene costs can be curtailed and used only for cooking if day light can be captured by the rural households.


·          The Micro Solar Dome  developed by NBIRT can be used both by rural and urban poor.(slum areas)

Developed By: NB Institute for Rural Technology(NBIRT)

Current Status:

Technology ready for commercialization.

Concerned Person: Dr. S. P. Gon Chaudhuri


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