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Low Cost RCC Frame

Along with saving of natural forest and reducing climate change effects use of RCC door frames has a highly potential in both urban and rural areas. The door frame produced initially was a good quality product but out-of reach of rural users. This was due to the fact that usually they prepare a door frame by illegally cutting wood from the forest and other areas. Various interactions with the rural market posed a challenge to prepare a door frame between Rs. 400 – 500. A low cost option of RCC door frame was developed without compromising the quality at a price on Rs. 400 – 450 to cater the rural market compared to the Rs. 800 – 1,000 for normal door frames.

Developed By: Development Alternatives - Technology and Action for Rural Advancement

Current Status:

This door frame has the ability to meet the needs of rural houses. It can also be produced through village based enterprises. Production costs are much lower than conventional steel or wooden frames. The technology has been transferred to the mason communities and they have been well trained to produce the same.

Concerned Person: Dr. Soumen Maity

Contact Details:

Dr. Soumen Maity


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