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Commercial enterprise from drying of horticultural products(2013 - )Phase I

TIDE has been working on standardizing drying protocols of various horticultural items and spices, etc through biomass dryier with the aid of various projects supported by DST and NABARD.  We have also developed detailed training manuals on biomass drying. A group of women trained by TIDE at our Women's Technology Park (WTP), Tiptur have formed a SHG  and have started a rural enterprise to produce dried onion, garlic, carrot, tomato, mint and chillies using solar / biomass drying technology. 

Developed By: Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE)

Current Status:

The dried products are now sold by the SHG under the brand name "MANINI"".  Manini has food certification (FSSAI), PAN, TIN numbers and bar coding.  It is currently being sold in Metro Cash and Curry stores in Bangalore and some online portals other than the whole sale market.

Concerned Person: Ms B R Poornima

Contact Details:

+91 9945092739


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