Technology » Agri|horti|forestry and fodder related technologies(2014-18)Phase I (Agriculture And Animal Husbandry)

Agri|horti|forestry and fodder related technologies(2014-18)Phase I

Interventions have been made aiming at development of suitable Farming System Based Model in arid parts by taking into consideration the arid specificity  Specific Technologies:

  1. Successfully pilot-tested  in farmers’ plots salinity-resistant crops and arid horticulture species viz: ber (Ziziphus mauritiana),pomegranate (Punica granatum), gunda (Cordia maxa) and date palm in combination with improved food and fodder crops such as Mung, Bajra, Jowhar ,cumin , mustard etc  as a livelihood generation option for arid community
  2. Established and demonstrated technique for propagation of fruit plants ( Date palm, Ber ,Pomegranate) .
  3. Performance trials of grafted Khejari, Guggal plants have been taken up under field trials
  4. Developed Package of practices for Ber , Pomegranate and Date palm wadi
  5. Demonstrated  a vegetable plot on farmer’s field of vegetables such as Brinjal, Tomato, chilly, Turiya, Guvar, Ladyfinger, Tur, Cowpea, Galka, Bitter guard, Cucumber etc. in  arid most parts for the first time
  6. Scouted suitable fodder varieties of grasses such as Gunni/daman/banni/sevan/ Napier/Karan/ Europlus. Similarly trees such as Khejari, Sheeshum, Ardu, Subabool have been shortlisted. Few fodder demonstration plots  have been established at farmer’s fields as well as in  village common lands
  7. In forestry species thrust is laid on collection of superior germplasm, raising nurseries, and plantation of native forest species such as Guggul , Khejari, piloo, Date palm, Neem, Subabul etc, which are of value to local communities

Developed By: BAIF Development Research Foundation

Current Status:

Each of these technologies are under assessment and being further fine-tuned to make it  context specific and reliable.

Concerned Person: Mr. Sagar Kadao

Contact Details:

Mr. Sagar Kadao

BAIF Development Reserach Foundation

BAIF Bhavan ,Dr. Manibhai Desi Nagar,

NH4, Warje, Pune-411058

Ph. 020-25231661


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