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Water related technologies

Interventions have been made aiming at scouting  and introducing  suitable technologies for tapping of rain water, to facilitate innovative storage, ensure water use efficiency and create revive traditional practices and there by create long term reserves in  this water scarce  region.

Specific Technologies:

 Pilot scale introduction of aquifer recharge measure through interventions in Kutch region like well recharge, bore well recharge measures for improved availability of underground water resource and for reduced salinity.

 Improvised and introduced a family based water storage system (Tanka+ Agor ,roof top rainwater tapping ,rejuvenation of farm ponds , low cost drip irrigation systems ) with water use efficiency inputs to address the critical need of water in  arid regions . Method standardized for  revival of tradition of underground tanks with  required improvisations to  tap maximum rainwater,  allow storage of water and promote water use efficiency

Due to improved availability of water near households the hardship of  desert women stands reduced.

Developed By: BAIF Development Research Foundation

Current Status:

Each of these technologies are under assessment and being further fine-tuned to make it  context specific and reliable.

Concerned Person: Mr. Sagar Kadao

Contact Details:

Mr. Sagar Kadao

BAIF Development Reserach Foundation

BAIF Bhavan ,Dr. Manibhai Desi Nagar,

NH4, Warje, Pune-411058

Ph. 020-25231661


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