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Shortage of energy is one of the main challenge everywhere. Many villages still have to spend nights in the dark. Kerosene lamp are still used at many houselhold. Nomadic people, who are always moving from place to place in search of livelihood. It is not feasible to provide them lights using grid power. Bigger solar panel are also not feasible due to transportation problem. We proposed to develop and manufacture small scale Led lamp production. LED consumes less power compared to other alternatives. Because of their low energy consumption their charging is possible by various methods.

Developed By: Vigyan Ashram

Concerned Person: Pawan Bhaise

Contact Details:

Vigyan Ashram A/P Pabal , Taluka Shirur Dist Pune , 412403


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  • Less power consumption is main advantage for LED
  • LED lights are more durable than other lights
  • Less maintenance required
  • LED light is as sufficient as a kerosene lantern


  • LED light circuits and manuals can be made by even school children
  • Due to power shortage the lights are in good demand
  • Super Flux LEDs has bright future as like it's name indicates

How to do?

  1. The circuits developed during the project period are freely available for downloads on .
  2. Manual is also available in the reports section of Its possible to develop this product as a cottage industry provided standardized parts are supplied at reasonable price.

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