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Aqua ( almost all question answered )(2009-2010) Phase I

The aAQUA eAgriService is a problem-solving system dedicated to find solutions to problems posed by Indian farmers - small and large. Answers to your agri-related queries are sent in 24 to 72 hours depending on the difficulty. Experts are employees of their respective organizations and serve without charge. The best things in life can come free!

Developed By: Vigyan Ashram

Current Status:

This website is now managed by M/S Agrocom software technologies Pvt Ltd.

Concerned Person: Vigyan Ashram

Contact Details:

Vigyan Ashram A/P Pabal taluka Shirur Dist Pune 412403


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  • This is an Open forum
  • Contains 72 Registered Experts form the expert forum, from diverse areas of expertise
  • Search tools built to work for all languages
  • Also have a mobile GPRS site - so PCs are not necessary.
  • Can advertise products and services on aAQUA as a post


  • It Covers Total 15681 Topics
  • Total Posts on this web page are : 40822 till date 01/02/2013
  • Total Members on this are : 28379 till date 01/02/2013

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