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Human Power based Energy solution
It is human powered generator to charge batteries. It is mainly a solution for lighting homes of remote communities, areas with high rainfall, nomadic people etc. Target group are schools in tribal areas, Dairy/ Poultry farmers, disaster relief etc. Key Advantages- 60W generator , Easy to pedal even by 7 to 70 years old person. 10-13 minutes pedalling provides 4 to 10 hours super bright light. 9Brightness 30-45 times more than a Candle/ Kerosene Lamp. Eco-friendly light - Cost per day less than Kerosene lamp. Vigyan Ashram got award from World Bank under ‘Development Marketplace competition’ and 42 generators were supplied to tribal boarding schools through award amount. At present, the product is being commercially manufactured by M/S Bottom of the Pyramid Energy & Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd. ( They are selling it under the brand name ‘Chakra’ generator. They have modified the design further based on the market needs.

Developed By: Vigyan Ashram

Current Status: After initial success and prototype. The product is taken over by our partner M/S Bottom of the pyramid energy and environmental solutions Pvt Ltd.( ). They have developed it further and commercially selling it,

Concerned Person: Mr.Ashish Gawade

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  • This technology helps to generate energy for remote areas
  • This is a corporation living in harmony with environment and civic society

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