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Reality Learning Engine(RLE)(2010-2011) Phase I

DST Core support , Funded through loan of R.20lacs from CAPART , now self funded Vigyan Ashram has developed a multimedia authoring tool RLE (Reality Learning Engine) by using which, even a school teacher with little knowledge of Computer will able to make his own multimedia lesson.

Developed By: Vigyan Ashram

Current Status:

This tool was very effective for developing content. This was very advanced tool in 1998 – 2003. But afterwards many new tools become available, which have same features as RLE. Hence VA stopped further development in this tool. The RLE tool which was developed earlier is available freely for the interested developers.

Concerned Person: M/S Adventure Infosys & M/S Sumy Software’s

Contact Details:

M/S Adventure Infosys , Indore , Phone : 9923920865, M/S Sumy Software’s, Pune , Phone : 9422088954


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  • Since there is urgent need of creation of multimedia content in regional languages, we are offering this software almost free to teachers/educational institutions


  • You can develop lesson in any languages
  • You can combine Graphics, Audio, Picture to make lesson interactive
  • Pre defined templates can help you in designing various activities on Computer screen
  • No special programming skills are necessary
  • At the end of the lesson, program will give you certificate also
  • Computer will keep record of student’s progress and do evaluation

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