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Rural areas in Indian Himalayan Mountains are
facing grave energy crisis and high dependence on
fuel wood due to cold climate poses a potential
threat to the ecology, health of household inmates
and involve women drudgery in fuel wood/ dung
Collection of dung and extraction of forest biomass
in mountains as fuel accelerate forest degradation
and agriculture which directly reduce forest/
agriculture productivity and contribute to climate
change and affect livelihood of local communities.
HRG designed and fabricated solar water and space
heating panels of locally available material through
training of rural artisan (carpenter).
Solar panels are fabricated with wood frame,
window glass and innovative carbon paint to
absorb maximum sun energy for water and space
In high altitude sun is more bright (>250 sunny
days/year) and intense during winter than plains.
Water heating panel is installed at 45o angel on the
roof top facing south and room heater on south
facing wall of living room with air inlet and outlet
opening in living space.
Panel suck room air for heating between absorber
sheet and glazing with solar radiation. Heated air
blow in living room through upper vent in the panel
at maximum 65o C to warm the room about 12-15 o
C higher than outer temperature.
Water heater coil hold 18.0 liters of water and is
heated to 70-80oC within 30-45 minute of solar
illumination .
Household members can draw 100-120 liters of hot
water in clear sunny day for household purposes
without burning fire place.
Introduction :
Innovation & Novelty:
Fixing of Water Coil
Installation and Glazing
Bathroom Top Installation
Coated absorber sheet fixed in frame
Installed 158 such panels (89 water & 69 space heating) in remote and tribal valley of
Zanskar in J&K under DST-TIME-LEARN programme in collaboration with SKUASTK.
Installed 398 solar water heating panels and 100 space heating panels in Shimla, Mandi and
Kullu districts of H.P
Covering more villages in Mandi, Kullu, Kinnaur and Shimla with installation of 170 such
panels under DST-TIME-LEARN, HIMCOSTE and NMHS (Govt. of India) programme.
Water heating panel provide 100-120 liters
water/day at maximum temp 90o C in a sunny day
even in winter months.
Space heating panel blow heated air maximum at
65o C and improve 12-15oC temperature of living
space and provide thermal comfort free of indoor
pollution to the mountain people.
Cost of Solar water heating panel (100lpd) is Rs.
10,000/- and Solar space heating panel cost Rs.
6,000/- for a room size of 12’ lenghtX12’ breadth
X10’ height.
Impact Outreach and Adoption :
Solar Water and Space Heating Panels:
Chirayita Sachet Making Machine
Secretary, DST (GoI), at TARA Core
Support Programme Exhibition,
BAIF Pune.
Solar Space Heating Panel
Solar Water Heating Panel

This intervention of solar water and space heating
collectively mitigate around 5.0 metric tone of
carbon emission/Household /annum in fuel
wood/dung dependent households and save
annually 40% of fuel wood/dung.
Use of solar aided devices in space and water
heating resulted in reduction of indoor pollution and
women drudgery in collection of fuel wood/dung.
Alternative sources of clean energy to rural
households help in forest conservation and
agriculture productivity.
Availability of hot water during the day improves
health & hygiene of the mountain women.
Use of solar heated water in cooking save time and
LPG in mountain households.

Developed By: Himalayan Research Group (HRG)

Current Status:


Concerned Person: Dr. Maninder Jeet Kaur, Dr. Lal Singh

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0177-2626820/ 098160-26820

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