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Local adaptation of Fuel Efficient Devices(2016-18)Phase I

Communities residing in and around the forests in the Terai regions of Uttarakhand,Uttar Pradesh and Bihar known as WWF-India’s Terai Arc landscape have been using traditional wood fired cookstoves for preparing meals and for heating water. They have been collecting fuel wood mostly from the nearby forests to fulfil this need.The smoke from the traditional wood-fires stoves is harmful for the health especially for women and children due to prolonged exposure. While the Ujwala shceme is steadily making inroads in to rural areas, there continues to be demand for and extraction offuelwood from the forests. To reduce the consumption of fuel wood and address the health hazard from smoke emission, a Fuel Efficient Cookstove model has been widely propagated. WWF India has particularly focused on adaptation and modification of the stove to render these suitable to the local context.

Developed By: WWF

Current Status:

Technology is tested and modification is going on according to feed back

Concerned Person: Jishu Chakrborty , Svati Bhogle

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9759165987, 9845011380

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