Technology » Nutrient Rich Raised Bed Nurseries i.e. Mat nursery(2016)Phase I (Agriculture And Animal Husbandry)

Nutrient Rich Raised Bed Nurseries i.e. Mat nursery(2016)Phase I

Producing young and robust seedlings is a challenge for rice farmers everywhere. Especially the farmers were finding it difficult to use machinery for transplanting crops like rice and ragi.

In order to produce young healthy saplings, a healthy nutrition rich soil bed is required which is called Mat nursery. Due to mat nursery farmers can produce healthy, young saplings which are uniform in size and easy to use in machinery. 

Developed By: Rural Communes

Current Status:


Field Tested and disseminated to small & marginal farmers of rural areas.


Concerned Person: Salma Alavi

Contact Details:


Salma Alavi, Rural Communes,

70, 2nd floor LIC Building, Anandilal Poddar Marg,

Mumbai 400 002



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