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Panchagavya - as a liquid formulation

Liquid bio formulations, a promising component for organic farming with multiple benefits as it acts as a growth promoter and pest repellent.  It is usually produced from agro waste, cow urine leaf extract etc., and hence it can be prepared by the farmer at very low cost in the farm itself. Bio-formulations are prepared from the basic component of cow dung and cow urine etc. 

Developed By: Vivekananda Kendra - Natural Resources Development Project

Concerned Person: 1) Shri.V.Ramakrishnan 2) Smt.S.Premalatha

Contact Details:

1)      Shri.V.Ramakrishnan

Director and Project Investigator

Mob: 9442753975

Ph:04652 – 246296

2)      Smt.S.Premalatha

Research Asst.

Ph:04652 – 246296



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