Technology » Promotion of Sustainable Harvesting of Non Timber Forest Produces (2009-14)Ist Phase (Agriculture And Animal Husbandry)

Promotion of Sustainable Harvesting of Non Timber Forest Produces (2009-14)Ist Phase


Non-timber forest products (NTFPs), also known as non-wood forest products (NWFPs),   minor forest produce,  special, minor, alternative and secondary forest products, are useful substances, materials and/or commodities obtained from forests which do not require  harvesting  (logging)  trees. Research on NTFPs has focused on their ability to be produced as commodities for rural incomes and markets, as an expression of traditional knowledge or as a livelihood option for rural household needs, and as a key component of sustainable forest management and conservation strategies. All research promotes forest products as valuable commodities and tools that can promote the conservation of forests.

Problem: Non Timber Forest Produces (NTFPs) such as Mahua, Chironji, Bael, Aonla, Imli, Jamun, Honey etc are declining at an alarming rate due to unsustainable and destructive harvesting practices.

S & T interventions: Methods for sustainable and non-destructive harvesting practices have been developed and promoted.  

Achievement: Training on sustainable harvesting practices provided to more than 2000 traditional honey hunters in collaboration with Forest Department and TRIFED. Similarly training on sustainable harvesting practises of NTFPs imparted to more than 1000  NTFP gatherers  with the support of TRIFED.   Similar training programs were organized to NGOs working on among forest dwellers. 


Developed By: Madhya Pradesh Vigyan Sabha

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