Technology » Promotion of alternative land use practices as climate resilient (2009-2014, 2016-2017)Ist and II nd Phase (Agriculture And Animal Husbandry)

Promotion of alternative land use practices as climate resilient (2009-2014,  2016-2017)Ist and II nd Phase


Agro-forestry is one of the most conspicuous land use systems across landscapes and agro-ecological zones. With food shortages and increased threats of climate change, interest in agro-forestry is gathering for its potential to address various on-farm adaptation needs, and fulfil many roles. Agro-forestry provides assets and income from carbon, wood energy, improved soil fertility and enhancement of local climate conditions; it provides ecosystem services and reduces human impacts on natural forests. Most of these benefits have direct benefits for local adaptation while contributing to global efforts to control atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. Agro-forestry is a sustainable practice helps to achieve both mitigation and adaptation objectives while remaining relevant to the livelihoods of the poor smallholder farmers in India.

Problem: In tribal dominated and forest surrounded having undulating and high slope areas are having marginal land with poor productivity.

S & T intervention:  Alternative land use practices such as Agri-horticulture, Agri-horti-pasture and Agri-horti-silvi promoted through demonstrations.

Achievements: More than 500 farmers in Tamia block of Chhindwada district have adopted such models of alternative land use practices in 500 acre land. It is   adopted in other districts of M.P and C.G.


Developed By: Madhya Pradesh Vigyan Sabha

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