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Innovative women’s enterprises in biscuit making(2017-18)Phase II


TIDE has developed a range of millet based biscuits. These include

·         Relatively low cost finger millet and whole wheat biscuits with jaggery and margarine

·          Healthier up market finger millet and whole wheat biscuits with jaggery and butter or coconut milk

·           Mixed millet biscuits with jaggery and margarine or butter or coconut milk.

The baking temperature and the weight of the biscuits have been standardized keeping in mind taste and market needs.


Developed By: Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE)

Current Status:


Biscuit making enterprise in operation by Manini self help group in TIDE’s WTP. Current order size 15,000 biscuits / month. The group now migrating from LPG fired oven to wood fired oven to improve profits.


Concerned Person: Sunil Patil


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