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Upgraded Artisanal Red-Clay Pottery (1992-96)

India has been short on research on its primary clay resource used by artisanal Potters, namely common or red clay. In collaboration with Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI) and other partners, CTD developed a technology package for upgrading red clay pottery to medium-temperature glazed wares fired at about 1050°C, giving much better properties. Suitably de-scaled machinery such as Pug Mill, Ball Mill and an innovative LPG kiln were evolved, along with different forming techniques such as turning on a jigger, slip casting, and moulding. Clusters of Potters can now produce high-value items such as glazed cookware, table ware, wall and floor tiles, as well as “beautility” wares besides improved terracotta products.

Developed By: Society for Economic and Social Studies, Centre for Technology and Development

Concerned Person: D. Raghunandan / Dr.Kalpana Arora

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