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Tissue Culture and Microbial Technology Programme (TMT)


Pseudomonas Multiplication Technique for Field Application

The process for the development of Pseudomonas multiplication unit using locally available materials is being standardized. Pseudomonas is usually multiplied in Kings B medium which is rather costly and worth an average Rs.1200/-litre. The idea of this technique is the field level multiplication of Pseudomonas fluorescence using coconut water as medium and in a multiplier unit which can be operated easily. Inoculums of Pseudomonas were added to the sterilized coconut water (10ml in one litre) and the experimental set up was made with two jars one place to the top of other jar. From the jar on the top, the coconut water is instilled (drop by drop method) to the second jar with a measured time of three hours. After three hours the count of Pseudomonas was measured using serial dilution technique. This experiment was repeated for 5 times and the count of Pseudomonas was recorded. The number of Pseudomonas was compared with those of control where sterilized coconut water was inoculated with Pseudomonas. This experiment is the process of development and will result in the field level multiplication of Pseudomonas with a reduced price and higher quality.

Production of bio inputs as an Additional Income Generation Programme

Microbial Bio inputs such as Pseudomonas fluorescence, Trichoderma harzianum, T. viride Beauveria bassiana, Lecanicillium lecanii  etc were taken up for the control of various pest and diseases affecting major agriculture crops in the district. Among the five inputs two of them (Pseudomanas and Trichoderma) was taken up for large scale production and dissemination. Large scale dissemination of these inputs were accomplished by the formation of women groups in which they were trained in both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. These groups will produce the inputs in locally available materials and potato dextrose agar and sold in the market. The primary users of the inputs are spice gardens and vegetable cultivators. Women groups consider this as an additional income generation activity.

Tissue Culture of Important Agriculture Crops

Micro propagation technique such as tissue culture is being utilized for the development of disease free and quality planting material production. Commercially important agriculture crop like banana has taken up to start with the activity. Three varieties of banana (Attunendran, Nadan nendran and Grand Nain) are being developed.


Developed By: M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation Community Agrobiodiversity Centre

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