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Technology for testing soil, leaves and produce for advisory service to farmers.
The conventional technologies for testing the quality of soil, leaves and produce are time consuming, expensive and doesn’t address the life forces involved. At MCRC, the procedure for carrying out the testing was standardized and the image interpreted by comparing biochemical parameters for testing the quality and vitality of the products. This technology is simple and cost effective and results can be obtained within 2 days. The three different holistic image-forming techniques such as Circular paper chromatography (CPC), Sensitive Crystallization(SC) and Picture Raising chromatography (RPC)are being carried out for testing the quality and vitality of plants products, manure and soil. The image forming techniques deal with formative force, life force, photosynthetic process of plants and qualitative status of nutrients in soil and differentiation of the products grown by conventional and organic practices. The obtained results are from assay specific patterns or colours. From the image, statements will be derived on the quality and vitality of the samples. The procedure for testing the soil. leaves and produce is fully developed. Many crops like groundnut, rice, black gram, Bengal gram, Spirulina product, jaggary, jamun juice and different soil samples collected from different places of Tamil Nadu were tested through this technology and interpreted about the quality and vitality of the products and these results were compared with the biochemical/ nutritional parameter. This advisory service can be utilized by farmers, entrepreneurs, industries, and Research Institutions. This technology has been utilized by renowned institutes such as CIKS one of the DST Core Support Group in Chennai , Kerala Agricultural University, Trissur and farmers by getting their samples analyzed. This technology costs only Rs.100 for soil testing and Rs.200/- for products testing as compared to other conventional tests which cost approximately Rs.1000/-More and more farmers are showing interest in testing their soil samples/ produce by this technology and getting the advice. Qualitative soil database will be developed.

Developed By: Shri AMM Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre (MCRC)

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