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Biomass Charcoal  Briquetting from different  agrowaste(Phase I: 2009-2014)

This technology addresses the management of agro waste generated during agricultural operations and converting them as useful products. This technology was adopted from ARTI, PUNE during 2006 and modified for easy operation. A prototype model kiln was developed during DST Young Scientist Programme with slight modification which was again modified with a portable cylindrical prototype kiln with basal perforated plate and air vents and tested for efficiency. The prototype kiln model (furnace) was fabricated at the local work shop. The advantages of the modified kiln is that the carbonization is uniform, higher char yield, lesser process time, easy to operate and maintain and easily viewable during carbonization. The optimum conditions of carbonization of different biomass, available at different localities and their calorific values were studied. Since some kind of biomass will be available in every location, the beneficiaries can utilize this technology to produce charcoal briquettes from the biomass available in their locality for their income generation. Biomass charcoal briquettes were tested for cooking experiments at beneficiaries’ house, local teashops, laundry and small hotels in Chennai. Apart from fuel briquettes production from charcoal, a value added product from biomass carbon was developed. Along with charcoal powder, other natural ingredients were added and sambrani (Incense) pellets were produced. This technology package was disseminated to beneficiaries through 5 networking NGOs. In a community, if 4 beneficiaries work together, they can make a net profit of Rs 11 /kg of charcoal briquettes and Rs. 173/kg of incense sticks. Awareness programs were conducted to 8 Networking NGOs. The dissemination of the technology is in progress.

Developed By: Shri AMM Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre (MCRC)

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