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Solar drier for vegetables and herbs (Phase I: 2009-14)

Solar drier is a device where solar energy is captured through photovoltaic cells and transferred to the chambers connected to it and this energy is utilized for drying the samples. At MCRC, a solar drier to dry 50 kg of vegetables/fruits/ 10 kg of leaves was fabricated. The advantage of our model is that it is portable and designed in a way that the condensates will be removed without dripping inside the chamber. Locally available cost effective and light weight plastic sheets were used for making the Chamber and slotted angles were used for the supports. So the cost of a solar drier unit is just Rs.20,000/ including the solar panel. Fans are attached inside the chamber in every rack so that the air is uniformly circulated so that the temperature is constant during the day time and there is no overheating of the materials. It is seen from NGOs’ trials that the leaves/products – Adathoda, Hibiscus, Libbia, Phyllanthus and Amla dried in the drier retained the colour and the nutrients. This was disseminated to beneficiaries through networking NGOs NAWA, SAM Foundation and Inba Seva Sangam.

Developed By: Shri AMM Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre (MCRC)

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