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Line Sowing Marker for crop sowing in hills(2014)Phase II

The feasibility trials were taken in the different crops in different locations. It was found suitable and observed that it reduces about 50-60% cost of the weeding, 10% of harvesting as compared to traditional methods and found healthy crops, which ultimately increased the yield.

In crop cultivation, weeding has been considered as major part of the agriculture practices, which affects the productivity of the crops. The weeding requires more time and labour both and the cost of cultivation is directly depending on the cost of weeding involved. In Himalayan region weeding posses more drudgery as the agriculture work is the responsibility of women folk.  The major cause of drudgery during the weeding is due to method of crop sowing as normally crop sowing is being done by broadcasting method. To initiate the line sowing method marker were tried from the market but no suitable location specific and crop type marker is available. Keeping this fact in view a set of new line markers for crop sowing was developed and tested.

Ø Location specific crop Line sowing markers were developed to minimize the drudgery in weeding process. This marker helps in weeding, irrigation and harvesting and processing of crops.

Ø Easy handling, low cost, increasing in the work efficiency, locally made less manpower used, Drudgery reduction.

187 Farmers were trained on location specific crop sowing line marker.

Training Among the Farmers (Men & women), Land holders, villagers


Voluntary Organisation

Direct beneficiaries: 187

Enterprises Created: 6 (fabricators)


Income Enhanced/Savings Incurred:  10 % increased of harvesting as compared to traditional crop ultimately enhanced in yield productivity.

Developed By: Himalayan Environmental Studies And Conservation Organisation (HESCO)

Current Status:

Farmers of Uttarakhand are using the technnology

Concerned Person: S. S. Rawat / Dr. Rakesh Kumar

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