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The TARA Fly Ash Technology Package
Problems addressed With production of approximately 200 million tonnes of fly ash every year in India; disposal of fly ash is a serious source of soil and water pollution. Description of package The TARA Fly Ash Technology package provides a comprehensive range of services which include: • Material selection, material testing and product testing services • Determination of optimum mix • Supply of customized machinery and accessories • Commissioning of production and training Various packages are available based on the production requirement. The most demanded hydraulically operated machine is equipped with mechanized feeding of machine from pan mixer through hopper cum conveyer system. Each moulding mechanism produces four bricks per cycle; and the full package produces 1000 bricks per hour. Auxiliary equipment of the package consists of two pan mixers, a hydraulic pallet truck and four batching trolleys for raw material.

Developed By: Development Alternatives - Technology and Action for Rural Advancement

Current Status: The technology has been fully developed and commercially available for dissemination. The technology package has been transferred to a commercial entity TARA Machines and Tech. Services Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi under a licensed agreement to sell and service the same.

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  • Least electric load of 23 HP. Machine can operate in both diesel and electric.
  • Uniform shape and size of the product with standard and/ or chamfered blocks.
  • Consistent product quality with strength of more than 150 kg/cm2 at economical rate.
  • Flexibility in volume of production; ranges from 650 – 1000 blocks/ hour.



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