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The TARA Paper Recycling Package
Problem addressed India faces severe environmental degradation in which solid waste is a major contributor. Paper use and disposal is growing at a rapid rate causing large amount of wastage of paper. There is a large potential to facilitate and support small groups and organizations for setting up small enterprises as sustainable businesses from recycling of waste paper. Description of package The TARA Paper Recycling Package provides a comprehensive “package of services” to ensure success for the recycling enterprises. The service package includes: • Customized design of recycling system including layout of basic services • Installation, commissioning and functioning of equipments with on-site training on operations • Annual maintenance contract for equipment servicing. The package consists of a set of custom designed equipment for various functions. The TARA Hydrapulper is used to make pulp from waste paper and TARA Hollander Beater to make pulp from waste cotton rags. The TARA Univat is used for the formation of sheet whereas the TARA Screw Press is used to remove the excess water from the formed sheet. Polishing of the dried formed sheet is done through TARA Calendering Machine and TARA Semi – Automatic Cutting Machine is used to cut into desired size. Photo-sensing safety device is incorporated in both the equipments for operational safety. The installed load for the production system is 11 HP with 3-phase electric power.

Developed By: Development Alternatives - Technology and Action for Rural Advancement

Current Status: The technology has been fully developed and is being commercially disseminated. More than 200 school, Government and Institutions have adopted the Package.

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  • Flexible range of recycled paper that can be widely expanded.
  • The recycled paper and products have wide acceptability among user due to high level of customization.



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