Technology » The Arsenic Solution Package(2011-12)Phase I (Water And Sanitation)

The Arsenic Solution Package(2011-12)Phase I

The TARA Arsenic solution package covers the entire spectrum, from testing the levels of Arsenic in drinking water (Jal-TARA Arsenic Testing Kit) to providing purification solutions (Jal-TARA Arsenic Filter). The Jal-TARA Arsenic Testing kit has a broad testing range of 10ppb – 500ppb. It also ensures good reproducibility of results even at low Arsenic concentrations. The Jal-TARA Arsenic Filter is a house-hold level filter that provides 15-20 litres per hour of Arsenic-safe water (less than 50ppb as prescribed by IS 10500 1991). The Jal-TARA Arsenic Filter, which does not require any electricity or chemicals to work, is a truly offline solution and is ideally suited for remote rural locations. The filter is easy to install and with one set of refill can provide up to 2000 litres of Arsenic-safe water.

Developed By: Development Alternatives - Technology and Action for Rural Advancement

Current Status:

The technology has been fully developed and is being commercially disseminated. More than 50 Jal-TARA Arsenic Solution Packages have been sold commercially.

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