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Anupam Oil Extraction Machine(2013-2014) Phase II

This is low cost oil extaction machine, as we all know that the edible oil available in market is not pure which can harm our helth but the Anupam oil extraction machine is simple solution for this which can extract oil from groundnut, sesame, coconut, castor, linseed, neem etc at your home. It runs on hydraluic pressure which we have to apply by pressing the handle at certain pressue the oil from seeds come out, and the seeds remain as it is but with less oil. Again this seeds we can use for cooking purpose and also for making products like low fat chikki which is verry good for calorie conscious people.

Developed By: Vigyan Ashram

Current Status:

The product is further developed by our alumni Mr.Vishven and Bhargav Soneji. He named it as ‘Anupam Ghani’. It is available for sale through our alumni entrepreneurs Mr.Anil Gade.

Concerned Person: Anil Gadhe

Contact Details:

A/p Vigyan Ashram, Pabal Tal- Shirur Dist- Pune cell NO: 9922162029


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