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Agro-technology of Selected Himalayan Medicinal Plants(2013)Phase I

Swertia chirayita (Roxb. ex Fleming) Karsten sometimes also mentioned as Swertia chirata Buch.-Ham. was widely used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines since times immemorial and in Himachal Pradesh this species is listed as Critically Endangered. Commercial cultivation technology standardization of one native species of Chirayita from seed sowing was initiated after ascertaining the profile of secondary metabolites and acceptability in the market. Highest harvest 1352 of Kg Chirayita by 143 women was achieved in 2010-11. M/S Dabur India Limited, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (U.P.) purchased cultivated Chirayita @ 288/- Kg provided a gross return of Rs. 3,89,376/- to the 143 farmers. This was the largest ever production of endangered and native species of any wild Himalayan species of medicinal plants. Quality testing of cultivated Chirayita crop through HPTLC technique at NBRI, Lucknow. Analysis as per Indian Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia was conducted in HRG Lab for effective marketing. Picrorrhiza kurrooa (Kutki) was also established in cultivation with rooted cuttings in pockets and sample harvesting was carried from areas in Kinnaur and Mandi. Chirayita and Kutki are the major hepatoprotective drugs and are required in mass quantities. On conservation front regular rooting of Taxus wallichiana was carried out since 1998 to maintain this important plant through planting in forests. Rooted cuttings were produced in planting of one year old 10 cm long branch with apical bud in the nursery poly bag having upper 10 cm layer of river sand after dipping cutting in rooting hormone mixture. Rooting takes around one year and cuttings can be planted in nature after 18 months.

Developed By: Himalayan Research Group (HRG)

Current Status:

Involved women farmers belonging to more than 1000 houholds in cultivation of Chirayita on commercial scale.

Concerned Person: Dr Lal Singh, Dr Maninder Jeet Kaur, Dr. B.D. Sharma and Sh. Dakesh Kumar

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