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Development of storage forms of biopesticides
There is a growing awareness among farmers and consumers about the ill effects of harmful chemical inputs used in the modern agriculture on living beings and environment. Now they are in search of safer and eco – friendly alternatives for chemicals inputs. Availability of organic plant protection inputs is a major limiting factor in the spread and development of organic agriculture. CIKS has developed Standard Operating Procedures for various plant based biopesticides through research under lab and field conditions. Biopesticidal preparations made by using locally available plant materials can significantly help the farming community to manage the pests and diseases efficiently.

Developed By: Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS)

Current Status: This technology has been disseminated to the farmers and women SHG groups through training programmes. These trained women groups have setup the biopesticides units in villages and involved in the production of biopesticides like Neem kernel extract, Five leaves extract, Sweet flag extract, Modified Panchagavyam, Andrographis Kashayam and Neem oil based soap and make it readily available for the farmers. A total of 225 training programmes were conducted in six districts of Tamil Nadu. This technology was also disseminated to the farmers of FTC (Farmer Technology Centre) in Andhra Pradesh and SEWA LANKA Foundation in Sri Lanka. Two biopesticides units have been established in Nagapattinam district as a part of the core support programme and another three units were also developed. Totally 405 farmers covering 313 ha were directly benefitted through this technology.

Concerned Person: Sh. A.V. Balasubramanian

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