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Community neem seed processing unit
In organic farming, application of quality inputs at appropriate time would contribute to increase in yield of crops. Neem cake or Neem seed powder is one such input adopted by organic farmers. Commercially, this is available in market under different brand names. But there is a lot of adulteration like, mixing ash, tamarind seeds, soil, etc. To address this issue a community neem seed processing unit was established. This also serves as income generation source for the community. This is the community owned enterprise where farmers can buy and process their own neem seeds at cheaper cost. The farmers can sell neem seeds and can take neem seed powder as barter exchange. This unit serves as input facilitation centre for quality organic inputs.

Developed By: Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS)

Current Status: A community unit of 15’ x 10’ with a working shed of 58’ x 17’ (Storage capacity – 600 Bags, 24000kg) with machineries and equipments have been set up in Nagapattinam district. Six training programmes have been conducted on this technology. Totally 6 farmers’ groups were trained (both women and men) on the production of neem seed powder. By this unit, a total of 140 farmers covering 225 acres from 20 villages were benefitted. The presence of this unit has meant that every 250 acres of land spread in twenty villages have obtained quality organic inputs and it has also provided livelihood. On an average, Rs.2600/- to Rs.3200/- has been saved by adopting this technology in paddy crop in one acre for two seasons.

Concerned Person: Sh. A.V. Balasubramanian

Contact Details: Sh. A.V. Balasubramanian Mobile No: 04424471087 Email id:


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