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Dry fruit roll cutting machine(2013-2014) Phase II

Dry fruit roll which are available in market are in variety of flavors like Khajur , Fig, Rose, Oragne etc. IN making of such rolls first a …. Mm thick roll is prepared by mixing Khajur pulp with other dry fruits like cashew, almond etc and then cut pieces of (coins) of desire size (2 mm to 14 mm) are prepared according to packaging size But making pulp, mixing dry fruit and rolling this mixture in 42 mm size there are machines available in market but on production line the real problem was of cutting these rolls in desire coin sizes (normally 4 to 12 mm) For this manufacturer has to employ labor and do it manually with knife and chopping board. This process of manual cutting is quite time consuming and increase cost of final product with uneven cutting size.With about 4 months of trials, on cutting size / capacity/hr, safety feature and commercial life of machine this machine is developed by Anil Gadhe with minimum capacity of 60 Kg/hr cutting and 2 MM to 16 MM cutting size.

Developed By: Vigyan Ashram

Current Status:

Current Status: This technology is basically developed for Lonavala based food industry. It can be supplied through our alumni entrepreneur against order.

Concerned Person: Mr. Anil Gadhe

Contact Details:

A/p Vigyan Ashram, Pabal, Tal- Shirur Dist- Pune +91-9922162029


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