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In spite, of having large no of water bodies; perennial as well as seasonal, fish cultivation was not adopted very extensively in this area due to lack of knowledge and non availability of quality seeds. A few farmers who took up fish cultivation were forced to purchase fish seed from nearby state of West Bengal. The cost of seed was high and survival rate was unexpectedly low (around 30%). During 2009-10, SRI with assistance from DST under Core support programme developed fish nursery technology for small and marginal farmers. This technology addressed two problems, one increasing water holding capacity of lateritic soil by designing poly lined nursery and the other developing technology package for nursery management and fish cultivation. Poly lined and cemented nursery tank of 45’x 45’ x 5’ was developed where water leakage was controlled and water quality was maintained by controlling parameter like, pH, DO, total alkalinity, Carbon Di-oxide and natural feed. This initiative was essentially taken up for bringing marginal farmers into fish cultivation. The techno-economic advantages of this project are as follows: • Availability of better quality fish seed locally • Survival rate of seed increased from 30 % to 60% • Additional income from the residual fish seed in the nursery. • Large no. of farmers took up fish cultivation due to easy availability of seed resulting in improvement in nutrition as well as income. This technology was taken to farmers by establishing 12 Fish Nurseries at Pakur, Sahibganj and Ranchi. After establishing Nurseries, the owners were trained in Nursery Management. Since the aim of this initiative was to promote fish cultivation among farmers, 320 farmers from different villages of Pakur, Sahibganj and Ranchi district were trained in scientific fish cultivation. Out of these 320, 280 farmers have taken up fish farming. This resulted in two types of enterprises, one producing fish seed on commercial basis and the other producing table fish for local market.

Developed By: Society for Rural Industrialization (SRI)

Current Status: The technology has been disseminated to 320 families in three districts. The dissemination started with 30 farmers from Ranchi and 40 from Pakur and Sahibganj. Over last three years the number has grown to 320. This year more than 100 farmers have decided to take up aquaculture as a commercial activity.

Concerned Person: Mr. D. Sengupta, CEO

Contact Details: Bariatu, Ranchi – 834009, Jharkhand


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