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Many areas in Jharkhand, due to the terrain and the physical structure of villages are not very favourable for a centralised grid based power system. A distributed model of Home light system may be more reliable so far as illumination is concerned. Aditya Home light system is a Solar power based distributed system which is operated and maintained by women entrepreneurs. The system consists of a solar power central charging station. The central charging station consists of a custom built 14V storage battery which is charged by two Solar PV panels of 35 watt each. The charging station can charge 10 lamps at a time. The lamps use 6V battery for powering 2 watt LED lamp and give 30 lux at a distance 1.5 meter. These lamps do not have any electronic component and are easy to maintain. The system is owned, managed and maintained by a woman vendor. Before installing and handing over the system, the vender undergoes extensive training at SRI on operation and maintenance of the system. The system operates on a rental basis. The vendor is given 20 lamps along with the charging station. She rents out these lamps at Rs. 2.50 per days. For a set of 20 lamps the vendor earns about Rs. 50/- a day. The user takes the lamp in the afternoon and returns it for charging in the morning. The main beneficiaries of these lamps are children. These lamps have been specially designed for focussed area lighting suitable for study not for special illumination.

Developed By: Society for Rural Industrialization (SRI)

Current Status: The system, in association with TERI under their LABL program has been installed in 21 remote villages of Jharkhand through women vendors promoted by grass root level women headed NGOs. It is benefited more than 300 households. Most of them are operating satisfactorily.

Concerned Person: Mr. D. Sengupta, CEO

Contact Details: Bariatu, Ranchi – 834009, Jharkhand


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