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Storage Structure(2007)Phase I

The mechanical properties of Lantana have been utilized for making utility items. In rural areas, in the wake of poor purchasing power, the rural community makes domestic items out of the wood available around. Bamboo has been the major wood used in the past. Since Lantana has woody properties it can also be used to make such domestic articles. Grain storage, water storage baskets can be made from Lantana.

Geographical coverage:   A total number of 35 villages are covered in this Core Support Programme. Apart from this various organization also started providing trainings in their locations. Following are the details:

Uttarakhand (20 villages), Himachal Pradesh (5 villages),    J&K    (5 villages), Karnataka (VO’s ATREE), North-East,   M.P. (5 villages), Energy Environment Group (EEG), Nari       ( Una), H.P. SAATHI, H.P.   PJAVS, Poughat, H.P. MPVS, Chattishgarh, SRI, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Direct beneficiaries: 1200

Enterprises Created: 1200 (individual Beneficiaries)

Income Enhanced/Savings Incurred:  The amount of increase in income enhanced by utilization of Technology is Rs. 4500-6000/month (individual beneficiaries).



Developed By: Himalayan Environmental Studies And Conservation Organisation (HESCO)

Concerned Person: Dr. Rakesh Kumar

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Technologies Developed By "Himalayan Environmental Studies And Conservation Organisation (HESCO)"

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