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Forest fire management Equipments(2018)Phase I


To support the State Forest Departments and local communities in managing  forest fire, WWF- India has designed, fabricated and tested two units that can be used for forest fire management.

Unit - 1 is a common sprayer which is powered by a 50 cc engine (2 stroke) that can be used for for spraying water and lime and for blowing leaf litters. This helps in creating and cleaning fire lines in the forests. The weight of the device is 10 Kg . It has  RPM of 6000 and air volume of 14 ft.

Unit – 2has also been designed and locally developed by WWF-India team, It , consists of a blower & cutter which can be used for cutting grasses, and bushes.  


Developed By: WWF

Current Status:


The two units are in a preliminary stage and would need more testing for further analysis.


Concerned Person: Mr. Naresh Lodhi and Mr. Jishu Chakrborty

Contact Details:


Email: Mr. Jishu Chakrborty:

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