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Leather Tanning (1983-2000) & Products

Technology Package and enterprise model for Vegetable Tanning of raw hides of fallen cattle (those dying of natural causes) in roughly Block-level networks of leather artisans was developed through SEED/DST Projects supplemented by Core Support at different stages. The Technology is an adaptation of Central Leather Research Institute’s (CLRI) Improved Veg-Tanning Process using babool bark, myrobalan etc, further upgraded to use of enzymatic processes with support from CLRI under Leather Technology Mission). Hides flayed and cured at village level are converted to Leather at Block-level nodal Tanning Units, the leather being sold chiefly to local Cobblers or Footwear-makers for country footwear, soles etc. Vertical integration is achieved through semi-processing of higher grade hides and finish-tanning in nearby industrial Units. Finished leathers are brought back for conversion into Products such as bags, wallets and garments. Apart from the Tanning process and networked system of production, other innovations include hand-held motorized Leather-working Machines, Effluent Treatment Plant etc.


Developed By: Society for Economic and Social Studies, Centre for Technology and Development

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