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Bamboo engraver (2018-2019) Phase II


This machine is made to engrave cylindrical objects.Specially for those who use  to engrave bamboo by holding it for long time on Flame. In this machine we can clamp any  cylindrical object and laser use to engravs  the design sent by user on the surface of object placed. This rype of machine is not  available in market.  


Target beneficiary

Artists , bamboo craft makers can use this machine. 

Features of technology

        Uses open source Hardware and software with modifications.

        Possible customization as per applications and requirements. 

        USB interface

        Any non metallic cylindrical object can be engraved.


Technical specifications

        Machine area : 220mm X900 mm  

Working Area : 70 mm X 450 mm (Available in different size)

        Machine is of 60watt

        Operating Voltage: 230+-10 VAC  

        Materials : Wood, Acrylic, PVC  any non metalic material.

        Open source software : BenBox 



Developed By: Vigyan Ashram

Concerned Person: Supriya Kadam

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